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Streaky making

Sunday 8th: Cold Dip

Monday 9th: Tune #1, v1

Tuesday 10th: This claim of election fraud is disputed

Wednesday 11th: Vanilla OP1

Thursday 12th: Let’s black out the windows

Friday 13th: Where next?

Saturday 14th: Around the block

Sunday 15th: Surrey hills

Monday 16th: Friendly left hand

Tuesday 17th: Muted D minor

Wednesday 18th: Bread of sorrow

Thursday 19th: Over and over and over again

Friday 20th: Big nose fat sticks dirty keys

Saturday 21st: Chess lapse

Sunday 22nd: Elegy for a plum tart

Monday 23rd: Angel eyes

Tuesday 24th: Peter wins bake off

Wednesday 25th: Comic sixths

Friday 27th: Mindful drawings of a Zoom H2n

Saturday 28th: Code-pixels-paper-pixels

Sunday 29th: Lamington (unfinished)

Monday 30th: Sofia does the crossword

November 8, 2020